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Top ranking sites contain very relevant & useful data, especially when you can see all of it in an organized fashion. Audits allow you to analyze any domain to find out what it's ranking for, and on which page. Wizards take it a step further by cleaning up that data for you into focused keyword clusters.

Audit & Wizard Features

Smarter Keyword Research

Top ranking domains provide a crystal ball of data that you can tap into.  But that’s only where it begins with Xagio Audits & Wizards…

Effortless Keyword Clustering

Topical authority comes from solid keyword clusters.  Xagio removes the hard work of clustering large volumes, with just a few clicks.

The Data That Matters

All the data come in with the keywords, in an easy to digest format so you can make even more informed decisions with less effort.

Cleaner Results With Pre-Filters

The Wizard is a stripped down and cleaned up version of the Audit. Pre filtered & clustered keywords ready for optimization.

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