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Xagio WordPress Management packs a wide variety of free features into an intuitive dashboard making it easy to organize your websites, access any admin area with a single click, view important site data, and perform bulk actions across your entire network.

Reduce Workload And Make WordPress Management Simple

Tag & Filter Organization

It’s Like A Digital Rolodex For Your Network Of Websites

1 Click Admin Level Access

Never Have To Remember A Username Or Password Again

Bulk Management Via Switch View

Upload 50 Plugins In The Same Time It Takes To Upload Just 1

What Will The Xagio WordPress Management Do For You?

Local Lead Gen

Admin Level Access From One Dashboard

It’s stressful and time-consuming to have to remember passwords for each site’s host, registrar, cPanel, and WordPress admin area and login to each site one by one to do maintenance, check uptime, and fix issues.

You can now do all of these tasks, and more, right from the Xagio WordPress Management dashboard. Passwords are stored for each website inside Xagio, so you can access all admin level functions with a single click saving you time and effort.

Marketing Agency

Solve Client Issues Faster Then Ever

When a client has problems with their website, time is of the essence and you don’t want to waste time finding out their host, registrar or login credentials.

With a single click you can access each client’s hosting account, registrar, cPanel, WP Admin, and you never have to worry about remembering these passwords ever again. This makes it easier to work on client sites and spend more time on tasks that generate revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Launch Perfect Affiliate Sites In 30 Seconds

Installing the same 10 plugins every time you want to set up a website is painful and a waste of your precious time.

Save your perfect affiliate setup with the mix of plugins you prefer to use, and use the bulk action feature inside Xagio to install all the plugins across unlimited sites with a click of your mouse.

Private Blog Network

Multiple Filtering Options And Bulk Actions

Managing a PBN is an ongoing tiresome process of daily checks, updates, and installs to make sure they never go down and stay indexed. When your network is big, so is your daily routine.

The Switch Screen feature allows you to view your entire network’s plugins & theme status (installed and active/inactive) in a single window, quickly analyze, and apply necessary bulk changes with one click.

With WP Management You Will Easily Be Able To

Organize Websites With Unlimited Custom Tags

Xagio’s Cloud Dashboard is intuitive, so there’s no learning curve, and you can jump right into the action and start getting results right away.

Instantly see which plug-ins, cores, and themes need updates across your entire network, and then you can update them all with a click of your mouse.

When you get Xagio today, you get more than just a WordPress management tool. You also get access to additional free marketing and network management features that will save you time, improve your results, and make it easier than ever to manage your entire network all from one place.

Admin Level Access In A Single Click

Xagia notifies you anytime there are issues with updates, back-ups, downtime, or other security issues that have the potential to cost you time and money. It’s crucial to get ahead of these things and be proactive… not reactive.

Out-of-date plug-ins and themes makes the sites on your network vulnerable to hackers, but Xagio lets you know what plug-ins, cores, and themes need updates, and then you quickly update with a click so your network stays secure at all times.

Other WordPress management tools often charge a ‘per website’ fee for additional features, but you get Cloud Dashboard for free (This isn’t a trial – Yes, Xagio’s Cloud Dashboard is 100% free when you sign-up today).

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Click any button on this page to sign up and download the Xagio plugin, which will start to populate your Cloud Dashboard (It’s Free!)



We’ll show you how to get Xagio activated on all of your sites so you can start saving time by using one, simple dashboard for all your sites.



Get up and running in just minutes with the help of our step-by-step video training that shows you how to every feature of Xagio.

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