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Silo Builder

The Worlds First Drag & Drop Silo Builder For WordPress

Imagine ManyChat & WordPress made a baby together. You'd get Xagio Silo Builder, a visual drag & drop editor to create silos on your website!

Silo Builder Features

Build Drag & Drop Silos

Easily create silos from your posts and pages simply by drag and dropping them on your canvas.

Create Physical Silos

Quickly create or map the parent / child relationship between the pages on your website.

Create Virtual Silos

Quickly create & map the internal & external linking structure of all the pages & posts on your website.

Even Blog Silos

Quickly create or map your WordPress blogs posts and visualize the associated tags & categories.

Canvas Personalization

Your canvas should be as unique as you are, so we allow you to design it in a way that speaks to you with Line Styling options!

Silo SEO Settings

Silos are an important aspect of SEO, and so are the basic on page elements. You can create or edit your Title, Description & URL right on the silo builder.

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