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Easily Update All Your WordPress Sites From One Intuitive Dashboard

The Xagio Cloud Dashboard is the cockpit for all of your sites where you can do everything in once place... Update your plugins, cores & themes, manage comments, and optimize your spam & post revision usage which can free up valuable space all with the click of your mouse.

Update Your Entire Network From A Single Location

Update & Optimize With A
Mouse Click

You get 1-click access to the most important functions that help keep your network secure, updated & clean:

Get Instant Notifications The Moment 'IT' Happens

With instant notifications across your entire network, you’ll make downtime a thing of the past for your & your clients sites.

Keep Your Network Running Securely

Avoid the typical vulnerability attacks that hackers prey on with a network of sites that’s always up to date.

What Type Of WordPress Sites Can Cloud Dashboard Help With?

Local Lead Gen

Do You Generate Leads Using Multiple Sites?

Are you constantly dealing with spam comments across all your lead generation sites that take up large amounts of space on your servers and slow things down?

Xagio resolves this issue by making it easy to erase spam comments and post revisions that eat up valuable server resources, all with one click of your mouse… and doing it this way is so much faster and easier than logging into each site’s dashboard and doing it manually.

Marketing Agency

Do You Manage Multiple Client Websites?

If you’re like most agency owners, you’re concerned about client sites that go down or don’t get backed up properly which can result in clients that quit, lost revenue, and even put you at risk of a lawsuit.

Give your clients the peace of mind they deserve by keeping their properties updated and secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in just minutes. With Xagio, you’ll be able to instantly see any issues with failed back-ups, security, or downtown and fix them fast.

Affiliate Marketing

Are You An Affiliate With Multiple WP Sites?

Affiliate websites often use multiple customized plug-ins and themes which are constantly in need of updates.

Affiliate websites often use multiple customized plug-ins and themes which are constantly in need of updates.

Private Blog Network

Do You Run A Private Blog Network?

It’s time-consuming and easy to miss something when you’re trying to keep all your plug-ins, cores, and themes updated by using multiple logins.

Xagio simplifies your life by making it easy to see which plug-ins, cores, and themes need updates across your entire network, and then you can easily update them all with a single click of your mouse.

With Cloud Dashboard You Will Easily Be Able To

Be Up & Running In Just Minutes

Xagio’s Cloud Dashboard is intuitive, so there’s no learning curve, and you can jump right into the action and start getting results right away.

Instantly see which plug-ins, cores, and themes need updates across your entire network, and then you can update them all with a click of your mouse.

When you get Xagio today, you’ll also tap into additional free marketing and network management tools that will save you time, improve your results, and make it easier than ever to manage your network all from one place.

Get Instant Notifications Of Network Issues

Xagia notifies you anytime there are issues with updates, back-ups, downtime, or other security issues that have the potential to cost you time and money. It’s crucial to get ahead of these things and be proactive… not reactive.

Out-of-date plug-ins and themes makes the sites on your network vulnerable to hackers, but Xagio lets you know what plug-ins, cores, and themes need updates, and then you quickly update with a click so your network stays secure at all times.

Other WordPress management tools often charge a ‘per website’ fee for additional features, but you get Cloud Dashboard for free (This isn’t a trial – Yes, Xagio’s Cloud Dashboard is 100% free when you sign-up today).

Ready To Get Started? Just 3 Easy Steps



Click any button on this page to sign up and download the Xagio plugin, which will start to populate your Cloud Dashboard (It’s Free!)



We’ll show you how to get Xagio activated on all of your sites so you can start saving time by using one, simple dashboard for all your sites.



Get up and running in just minutes with the help of our step-by-step video training that shows you how to every feature of Xagio.

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