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Introducing Xagio Audit

The Xagio Audit feature was initially built in order to quickly pull in all existing pages and posts from any site, into the Project Planner for a central location to manage the core optimization of every page.

And while it worked brilliantly, we knew we could do more.

The next step introduced the ability to also to find and report any keywords each URL was ranking for as well as display the last known rank in Google.

Then a fluke happened…

Without instruction, our development team allowed for the Audit URL to be changed to any URL (the default being the site Xagio is installed on) meaning that any external URL could be audited and Xagio Project Planner would bring back all the same data.

So what was so great about this?

Well when you are searching for additional keywords to target or supporting content pages to add to your lead gen sites, what better way to find them than by auditing your best ranking competitors websites?

Meet The New & Improved Xagio Audit Functions

  • Want to find the perfect additional keywords to target on your site?
  • Want to find the perfect SERVICE pages to add to your site?
  • Want to optimize new pages easier than ever before?
  • Want to take advantage of “keyword cluster?

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