Easy Affiliate SEO with Xagio AI

In this video, I demonstrate how to optimize an affiliate SEO using Xagio AI.

I start by running an audit on an old affiliate site and discover that I’m ranking for many keywords on pages three, four, and five.

I then create keyword groups and clusters to organize and target specific keywords. With the help of Xagio AI, I analyze competition and choose the best keywords to focus on.

Finally, I optimize the content, add schema markup, and track rankings. This video provides step-by-step instructions and valuable insights for improving affiliate SEO

Quick Reference:00:00 – Introduction00:30 – Creating Keyword Groups02:22 – Analyzing Competition03:23 – Optimizing Content09:25 – Adding Schema Markup12:34 – Tracking Rankings

Dec 1, 2023 – Less Than 24 Hours Later

The pages are indexed, and the keywords are no longer cannibalized by ranking on the other inner page.  They have also already jumped considerably in rankings.

Dec 11, 2023 – 10 Days Later

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4 months ago

NOICE. I’ll definitely be using this for my ecom site for a digital product I’m currently looking to sell.

Kevin B
Kevin B
4 months ago

This is awesome Herc – Exactly what I need to tackle an old site that I have. I’m looking forward to seeing more results. Many Thanks

Just One Tool

All the features in Xagio would cost you over $500/month to purchase on individual subscriptions?