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Increase Your Rankings With Xagio AI Only. A Live Case Study

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July 17, 2023 Update:?

Hit #2 With Simple Xagio AI Optimization

The goal of this training is to teach you how to to improve the rankings of your website simply by optimizing (or re-optimizing it) using only Xagio AI features.

There are really two benefits of this procedure.

  1. It’s costs only a bit of time (no money for things like backlinks).
  2. It should greatly improve rankings, which means more traffic.

For this training, we’ll be optimizing losangelescarpenter.com, an expired domain with a few backlinks (DA6 with 14 referring domains, PA 13 with 12 referring domains to home page) that was rebuilt in the same niche. ?So the links are relevant and should help somewhat.

However, this is an interesting case study because Xagio wasn’t used to plan the blueprint of the website, a practice always recommended before starting a website. So rather than finding what pages we’ll build via keyword research & discovery, we’ll be doing things a bit out of order and finding keywords to support the current pages content.

Either way, the goal is to increase the rankings of the website, and you can view the live rankings by clicking here.

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      • It’s all Good Herc.
        Thanks for all you’ve done in putting Xagio together. You, Todd, and the team have shifted things in a positive direction for a lot of people with this tool set.
        Great Work!

  • Just One Tool

    All the features in Xagio would cost you over $500/month to purchase on individual subscriptions?