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Introducing Xagio AI Affiliate Wizard

The Xagio AI Affiliate Wizard was built on the same framework as the?AI Local Wizard, but with some powerful new features added to make keyword research & clustering even faster and easier.

Watch the video above to see how within just minutes, you can find & cluster keyword groups for your niches, optimize each group of keywords, create the content, and even have fully written JSON-LD schema on each page.

A very powerful tool for people who want to streamline their affiliate process!

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  • Excellent all the way!!!
    You guys are probably already thinking of ways to improve on the content. Maybe generate content with the appropriate media(images, videos ..), Content boxes or table if you wish to better organize the content(purely aesthetic reasons), longer content or the ability for the AI to rewrite content from competitor audit.

  • Would be great if there was a a way to add table for my affiliate comparison pages like tablepress does

  • Just One Tool

    All the features in Xagio would cost you over $500/month to purchase on individual subscriptions?