Xagio Monthly Training | 2023-12-14

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New Features Of Project Planner (App & Plugin)

  • Sharing Projects
  • AI Optimization And Keyword Highlights
  • Improved Clustering

Going Myth Busters Style On AI Using Xagio

Lots of people worried about AI content and if it’s a big winner or loser in Google eyes.

So I show an old affiliate site where I’m testing pages built 100% with AI including the optimizations, content & schema all AI generated.  So far, the results are pretty good.

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4 months ago

I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the silo builder properly.
Does interlinking have to be done from within the article?
Can it be done with a list of anchor texts at the bottom like the old days?
Does the navigation menu act as passing link juice?

3 months ago

I am wondering about how each page would act as a money page in your website/

regarding lining to avoid kw canablisation how would you link your pages – would all pages link to main page ?

When u say you would then build out each of the pages for his website, using your themes , what content would you put
and how to link ?

thanks this was a very informative training

3 months ago
Reply to  Herc Magnus

Thank you for your time to respond. it made i it very clear thx
may i ask if there is a charge for a website audit that you did on the show pls

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